Gripvan FAQS

What is Gripvan, or what does Gripvan do?

Gripvan is a comprehensive and mobile package of stands, grip, accessories and useful bits and pieces that to quote Dean Northcott, "makes shooting on location like being in a studio". We provide peace of mind to photographers, producers and photo assistants alike.

As for what we do? At our core Gripvan does Photo shoots - whether Advertising, Fashion, Editorial or Corporate. We also do Moving Image - Commercials, Documentaries, TV, Music Promos, and more. Of course, we do Gripvans, but we also offer general equipment rental and can dry hire you cameras, digi kit, lighting, styling, and production equipment.

We can help you with power and access requirements, and offer consultancy, alongside crewing and basic production.  

In short Gripvan can get almost anything you need on your set to your set.

What's in the van?

Everything you could possibly think of, and a whole load of things you might have overlooked!

Our Standard Grip Package comes with a full complement of C Stands, Windups, Booms, frames, fabrics, flags, and all the usual grip, electrical and consumable items. All of this neatly packed in one of our custom LWB Renault Master vans.

The mini package is pretty similar, except we've condensed it down to fit in our Renault Trafic, perfect for smaller shoots or when your'e shooting somewhere with restricted headroom - planning a shoot in a multi-storey carpark? This is the one for you.

Why do I need one on my next shoot?

Gripvan solves your problems. It’s a mobile grip and lighting store, keeping kit dry and organised and saving space in your location. Gripvan makes sure all your kit is accessible, saves your crew time and impresses your clients.   

Isn't it really expensive to hire?

In a word, no! Gripvan can save you money on your shoot. Just ask our producer clients who keep coming back because GV helps them work to ever tighter budgets. Typically Gripvan offers a saving of 50% over list hire prices, not to mention the savings on peace of mind.

Do I have to pay for anything else?

Just the driver / assistant, mileage (if you're shooting outside of London) and any consumables you use. Of course if your shoot takes the crew away overnight we'd expect you to put our driver up in a hotel too!

Who can drive the Gripvan

All our vans are driven by a driver-operator who, depending on your requirements, will also be an experienced lighting/camera assistant, dig-op, gaffer or grip. Our drivers all know the vans and equipment inside out.

Where is Gripvan based?

Gripvan is based in Battersea, ideally located for London and for shoots further afield. You're welcome to visit us during working hours, but please call ahead to check we have a van available to show you!

Where has Gripvan worked?

We spend most of our time in and around London but the vans are well travelled across the UK and further afield. We frequently work in Manchester, Liverpool and Scotland, as well as Bristol, Ireland, Wales and the South West. The vans have visited the continent a fair few times and we've sent kit as far as the Maldives and Butan.

If you're planning a shoot in Europe we can help with logistics, carnets and kit transport.

Who have Gripvan worked with?

We've had the pleasure of working with and alongside some incredible people, brands and organisations. Just a few of those are:


How long have you been going?

Gripvan was founded as an LLP back in 2011 by our Technical Director Andrew Howe and colleagues working in production and location management. With a career stretching back 20+ years, Andrew noticed a gap in the market to provide a full service grip package for stills and small video productions, based on a condensed version of feature film grip trucks.  We became a limited company in 2012 and moved to our current premises in Battersea in 2014.

Can I work for Gripvan?

We're always looking for great freelance crew to work with, so if you know what you're doing on set, are 25 or over, with a clean licence and experience driving LWB vans, get in touch. Occasionally we have full or part time positions available. These will be advertised on our website as well as on the AOP job board and other job-hunt websites.