Tech Recce

Expert appraisal of location requirements


Once close to signing off on your preferred location, you may wish to organise a tech recce. We are able to supply crew to attend this and to assess the location from a technical and lighting perspective. During this recce we will look to establish what power supplies are available and, if necessary, we can arrange for a generator to be supplied.

Lighting Design

Considered & Creative Lighting Design


Drawing on 30 years of lighting experience and an extensive knowledge of the practicalities, advantages and disadvantages of various lighting options, Andrew Howe is able to design a bespoke lighting set up from scratch, work to your creative brief or guide and assist in your decision making as required.

Studio Build

Advice, design and supply - tailored to you


For our larger studio based work, the Gripvan team is able to design the layout, lighting, rigging, camera, and power requirements to ensure that crew needs are catered for to ensure that the shoot runs just as you would want.  By taking control of this, Gripvan can provide complete peace of mind, leaving you confident that your client is delighted by the experience and the results.