Amazing Assistants

Gripvan only delivers the best location equipment in our specially adapted vehicles and now they also come with award winning drivers.

Dominic Hawgood, one of Gripvan's talented and longstanding regular assistants, has just scooped himself the series category prize in the BJP's International Photography Award with his winning project 'Under the Influence'. 

Dominic told the BJP “I think it’s interesting that Under the Influence was chosen. It now sits in relation to an award that has strong documentary content, yet my work comes from a very different place. Such a decision help supports the concept for the series, which aims to blur the distinction between what can be understood as factual or fictional. Winning such an award has come at a great time, there’s growing interest in my practice and it’s really important I can make the right connections, so I’m very pleased to have been given the opportunity.”

We would like to congratulate Dominic on his amazing success and wish him many more in the future.