Now Available: Phase One Underwater Housing


Gripvan now have available the Aquatech Meridian Sport underwater housing for PhaseOne 645DF cameras, which we believe may be the first held as rental stock in the UK.

The Meridian Sport Housing from AquaTech is designed to work with the Phase One 645 DF and 645 DF+ Digital Cameras. This housing has a depth rating of 33' (10m). Built from polyurethane construction, this housing features tactile controls using stainless steel, aluminum, and high strength plastics. All of the aluminum parts have been anodized for maximum protection and product longevity. The inner controls on the housing and ports come with O-rings. The inner control O-rings are greased during assembly. 

This PhaseOne-specific housing also features an interchangeable port system for the Schneider Leaf Shutter lens series, quick-release clips with a safety latch, and 2 standard tripod mounting points.  It can also be used with accessories such as flash, pocket wizards, pistols, and pole shutter releases.

We are delighted to be able to offer this housing to our clients, and we cannot wait to see what you shoot with it!

Gripvan are able to offer the housing with fisheye, standard, and telephoto lens ports. Call 020 3002 9130 or email to book the Aquatech Meridian Sport PhaseOne Underwater Housing on your next shoot!

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