The Arri SkyPanel S60-C

Possibly the most versatile light fixture on the market today.

The Arri SkyPanel S60-c is an essential bit of kit for any shoot, and it just got a whole lot better. As far as constant, LED lighting goes, the Arri range is our go-to choice here at Gripvan. The SkyPanel S60-c is flexible, customisable and reliable. The S60’s face is 25.4 x 11.8 inches, making it a powerful and adjustable soft light source.


Simple, Tuneable, Versatile
One of the reason we use and recommend the SkyPanel range at Gripvan is because of its incredible versatility. It provides a beautiful soft light which can be tuned with a variety of modifiers. The LED mixing chamber, variety of diffusion panels and wide light face gives lovely soft, clean shadows. With minimal effort, you can totally transform the type of light it produces. The simple and intuitive controls give you free range to choose the settings that will work best on any given shoot.

Firmware 3.0
The latest firmware release from Arri brings a host of new features. The main additions are a high speed mode, source matching and a range of lighting effects. There’s also the usual refinements that come with a firmware release. Things just became a lot more versatile.

One of the most exciting additions is the lighting effects – and there’s a lot of them. From candle, to colour chase, to pulsing, these prefabs accurately mimic their namesakes. There’s also a new mode; source mode. This allows the user to recreate different types of light, including incandescent, fluorescent and discharge source. The ‘Other' section also has myriad modes that accurately replicate light sources as recorded on a spectrometer.

More Features, More Flexible
The SkyPanel's new High Speed Mode allows users to be as experimental as they like with frame rate and shutter angle. The team at Arri have tested it up to 25,000 FPS with a shutter angle as low as 2° and are confident that you could go faster if you wanted to.  If you do find yourself shooting at uncommon frame rates, the Frequency Selection feature provides 10 different frequencies that can reduce or eliminate slight flicker and roll bars.

In terms of ease of use, Firmware 3.0 brings two super handy features. The first is the Enabled menu. This gives users a snapshot of every setting that is currently enabled, in one concise menu. This means you don't have to hunt through every page to find out what's currently active. The second is the SkyPanel Web Server. By connecting to your network IP you can control all of the SkyPanel settings from your web browser. It's so convenient.

Overall, we love the new additions that come with Firmware 3.0. There's lots of neat things to play with, and we're sure that our customers will enjoy using them while shooting.