Introducing the Profoto Pro-10 2400

Gripvan are pleased to announce that we now hold rental stock of the world's fastest flash, the Profoto Pro-10 2400 Air TTL.

Profoto Pro10 now available to rent at Gripvan London

Its full name may be a bit of a mouthful, but the benefits that the Pro-10 can bring to your shoots need far fewer words to explain. This thing is bloody fast.

Why the Pro-10?

At Gripvan we take pride in offering our clients in London and further afield the best advice, most reliable rental equipment and a truly personal service. We'd never recommend anything we wouldn't use ourselves, and we have pretty high standards, so when the decision was made to invest in studio generator flash equipment the Gripvan team thought long and hard about what to add to our existing lighting stock.

We tested a wide range of studio packs and drew upon years of lighting experience. We made rigs to test flash duration, we analysed colour and sharpness, we consulted our freelancers and clients, all to make sure that what we offer is nothing less than the best. After weeks of testing we decided to add the Profoto Pro-10 to our rental stock. We are confident that in the Pro-10 we have a pack we can recommend without hesitation for a wide range of situations.

Having the confidence to know you can freeze anything pin sharp at the power you want opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities.
— Iain Crawford, Photographer & Profoto Ambassador

The Techy Stuff

flash duration is extremely impressive and as expected, outperforms any other studio generator that we have used
— Andrew Howe, Technical Director @ Gripvan