Gripvan Sponsors Ravensbourne's 24 Hour Photo Project

Gripvan is proud to support the next generation of professional photographers and one way we do this is through our continuing relationship with Ravensbourne

24 Hour Photo is a challenge set by Ravensbourne for its BA Digital Photography course students. Gripvan provided the lighting equipment and grip for Sophie Weston and Samantha Wheelwright who spent the day on the rooftop of Ravensbourne shooting several different models. Sophia tells us more about the hurdles she experienced...

As a part of this year's Rave 24 hour photo I shot a fashion story with two models from FM london and First Model Management. My main set up included a Ranger RX on a boom with a beauty dish and a huge sun bounce panel.

The plan was to go for a strong light with some prominent shadows in which we were successful thanks to advice from Drew from Gripvan. It was great to have a wide choice of equipment and a specialist on hand who was able to help me accomplish this.

One of my favourite parts of the shoot was having a mobile digi op station! This was ideal to set up our Eizo Monitor and be able to check everything under a sunshade. When shooting on location usually I would tend to make the most of the natural light which is weather dependent, on the day we shot it was freezing cold with little sunlight, it actually worked well as we were able to control all elements which has taught me that with the manpower and equipment (3/4 assistants I think I had in the end) flash on location is brilliant.

I would 100% recommend Gripvan, having the right kit to hand makes the shoot more efficient and Drew has great communication skills which made lighting changes stress-free allowing me to concentrate on getting the shot. 

Sophia Weston

  • Team credits:
  • Photographer: Sophia Weston
  • Equipment & Lighting: Drew Morgan @ Gripvan
  • Assistants: Tom Duke, Joe Thompson, Vinny Stelzer 
  • Models: Zoe @ FM London, Becca @ First model management
  • Styling: Amanda Ler
  • Hair and makeup: Holly Scimia

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Samantha Wheelwright shooting on Ravenbourne's rooftop.

Samantha Wheelwright shooting on Ravenbourne's rooftop.

One of Samantha Wheelwright's rooftop shots.

One of Samantha Wheelwright's rooftop shots.