Welcome to the family!

Like many people Gripvan made a New Year's resolution to trim down in 2015, but for us it wasn't from our waistline!

We've noticed that many location shoots suffer from restricted height clearance, meaning kit has to be lugged from an external carpark to set. Gripvan are all about saving time and keeping crews working efficiently, so we set out to solve that problem! Introducing Gripvan 04...


First impressions, it drives fantastically. If your shoot is a long way from London this van will ensure your crew arrive refreshed! Sat Nav, Cruise Control and other driver aids make the journey fly by. Once at the location, reverse sensors and a concealed reverse camera mean that even the tightest parking spaces pose no issues to this, the youngest member of the Gripvan fleet.

GV04 is decked out in Gripvan's recognisable orange livery and is available to hire with crew as part of our mini grip package (perfect for when you're shooting in a multi-story car park), as an additional Location Equipment van, or to deliver specialised kit such as our Phase One Underwater Housing to your shoot.