"Having the Gripvan on location gives me the peace of mind that the small bit of kit you always need but somehow could not anticipate needing, is right there - priceless!"
Andy Glass
"I've used Gripvan on a number of shoots now. It's exactly what we've needed on our larger location jobs. To date we've often used rental vans invariably stacked high with gear, unloading most of the larger items to work effectively. Gripvan helps to speed up the lighting process, a valuable asset on the increasingly tighter scheduled jobs these days, keep up the good work guys."

Garry Simpson

"I think Gripvan have got things right and for me they have become my "go to" rental company when planning a shoot. They are invaluable to me on location as you get so much more than just a selection of great kit. From budgeting through to working on set, you're dealing with experienced pros who really care and know their business"

Morgan Silk


"I have used the Gripvan on quite a few jobs and have found it a fantastic asset. It has everything on board we need and is very well designed, saving both time and money. I now ask to have the Gripvan on every location shoot as life is so much easier with it."

Simon Stock

"Gripvan provide an excellent and unique service.  Every time I've used them the kit is well looked after, very comprehensive, organised and easy to access.  The vans are a great asset to a shoot and Gripvan's experience helps everything run smoothly from production and pre shoot lighting advice to on set rigging and assistance.  Top drawer all round!"

Dylan Collard